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Meet Moonglow Floral

A note from Moonglow Floral's Owner/Creative Director + learn about our ethos & process


​"Welcome, I am glad you are here!

I am Tessa and I love transforming spaces and events with dynamic floral designs. My goal is to translate your inspiration into a floral experience that is both authentic and extraordinary.

Along with being the Owner & Creative Director of Moonglow Floral, I am a visual artist and have worked professionally in a range of fields including education, business, and the arts. I am intrigued by the many connections between floral design and visual art. Both practices require explorations in ephemerality, transforming materials, and caring deeply about aesthetic experiences. With an MFA in Visual Art, my approach toward floral design is grounded in the study and practice of art.

Prior to launching Moonglow Floral on the Central Coast of California, I owned a floral studio based outside of Portland, Oregon. The name Moonglow Floral was inspired by the feathery blue-green foliage of Moonglow Juniper trees that thrive in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you and hearing your story!

All the best, Tessa"

Meet Moonglow Floral

Moonglow Floral is a boutique floral design studio that creates extraordinary floral experiences for discerning clients hosting events on the Central Coast of California.

Our process emphasizes a unique combination of strong project management skills and imaginative artistry so clients can truly enjoy their floral designs at their once-in-a-lifetime event! We aim to create a concierge experience for busy clients through a streamlined planning process, clear communication, and creative guidance.

Moonglow Floral strives to be a safe and inclusive business for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ clients as well as a safe vendor for all ages, bodies, and abilities. Moonglow Floral is happy to collaborate with clients to incorporate cultural or religious traditions into their floral designs. Inclusivity is an ongoing intention and we hope to continue to grow in this area.

Moonglow Floral hopes to contribute to our local community in positive ways through collaborations and giving. Community is at the heart of our work and we are honored to bring beauty to important gatherings and celebrations! We truly appreciate that a special event is an opportunity for guests to connect and make lasting memories.


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